Love Quotes And Messages

Love Quotes And Messages are very useful for making a person realize about your feelings. We are here with the best love quotes. Many people have not enough words to propose a person or to let him know about their true feelings. We have compiled beautiful words for you. Now you can easily let a person how much you love him.

We are having some of the best love quotes and messages for you…love

I love you for what you are, and I love you more for your care and love.

You are that prince I used to see in my dreams. I love you so much.

I love to be in your arms and gazing in your eyes all the time.

True love happens accidentally. There is no time or place for it.

Your friendship is all I wanted, your love is all I dreamt of.

I can’t see anything when I am with you. I can only see you.

Care I love you more than anything else in this world. You have made my world beautiful.

No matter where I go, I will always get back to you.

I started loving my life because you have made it worth loving.

“My life is nothing without you” This is all I know now.

You entered in my little world and became the King. I am totally dependant on you now.

You are my bad habbit because I can’t leave you.

You gave me the reason to love my life. You are the asset of life.

You made me realize that life is to live. My life was boring without you, you filled colors in it.

I love you for everything you did for me and everything you are going to do for me.